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Consumer & Environmental Law

ANNOUNCEMENT:SD Lawyer Magazine Photo M Gastil

Law Office of Michelle A. Gastil has a new address as of March 1, 2017:

7710 Balboa Avenue, Suite 325, San Diego, CA 92111


No change to the firm’s telephone number and email address:

(858) 264-6642


Michelle A. Gastil (formerly Michelle A. Hoskinson) utilizes her expertise in the creditor industry to represent consumer debtors. Ms. Gastil has years of practice in the creditor industry having represented large financial institutions, loan servicers, and other creditors through various stages of negotiation, litigation, and bankruptcy proceedings.  She can assist clients through many debt-related and other issues, including the following:
• Consumer Debt Negotiation & Litigation
• Bankruptcy
• Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
• cease and desist letters to debt collectors
• Fair Credit Reporting Act
• Identity Theft
• Time Share Contract Disputes
• Business-to-Business Debt (Commercial Debt) Negotiation & Litigation
•General Contract Disputes and General Civil Litigation
• post-judgment/enforcement motions and procedures

In addition, Ms. Gastil can assist clients who wish to enforce their rights to natural resources and proper administration of land use permitting and planning. Specifically, Ms. Gastil aims to represent citizen groups or formalized non-profit corporations that are seeking to protect natural resources and enforce land use compliance with land use regulations and public administration laws such as the following:
• California Environmental Quality Act
• Coastal Act
• Brown Act

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Law Office of Michelle A. Gastil is a debt relief agency.